Development of safe and resilient flooring with controlled slip under varying environments


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The production and installation of resilient flooring in public and private buildings is a major business in Europe involving various sectors including material and coating production, designers, architects, installers, cleaners as well as end-users. The main requirements are: durability, ease of installation, optical appearance, ease of cleaning and low cost maintenance. On the other hand slip accidents are a major source of injury in Europe.

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On 27 January 2017, the SlipSafe Consortium had invited to its final Workshop at the VLEVA Conference Centre in Brussels presenting the development and results of its European project SlipSafe. It attracted around 50 participants that gained an insight into this European project focusing on key innovations for the next flooring generation.

Gain an insight into the European project SlipSafe focusing on key innovations for the next flooring generation. The SlipSafe consortium kindly invites to its workshop on 27 January 2017 in Brussels. The event focuses on the European project SlipSafe, its development and results.


An innovation workshop entitled Opportunities in R&D projects for Building and Construction Products and Solutions was organised by EuPC and ECP4.