Development of safe and resilient flooring with controlled slip under varying environments

AIMPLAS - Instituto Tecnologico del Plastico


AIMPLAS is a Technological Institute focused on plastic sector, located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association, with over 540 associated companies (the majority of them SMEs).


AIMPLAS’ fields of work are related to technological research and development on plastic materials & products and its transformation processes. AIMPLAS has offered its services to the Plastic industry sector since 1990, and has a permanent staff of more than 110 professionals with huge expertise in compounding, processing, recycling, product development and analysis of plastic materials for different sectors, such as construction, automotive, packaging and other traditional ones (i.e. agriculture).


Specifically, it has a lot of knowledge and experience in the development and improvement of: polymeric materials (sustainable materials such as renewable, biobased, recycled, valorised ones; nanocomposites and nanoparticles functionalisation, advanced materials for example with electrical and thermal conductivity, high barrier properties, etc.; new materials for additive manufacturing processes, high performance composites, traditional raw materials); transformation processes (blends dispersion and reology, thermoplastic with fibres processing, thermoset resins curing, biopolymer processability, reactive extrusion, foaming, joining technologies for dissimilar materials without adhesives; and specific improvements in the transformation processes); and, new products development (intelligent and active packaging, multifunctional structures, functional printing, recycled based products, etc.).