Development of safe and resilient flooring with controlled slip under varying environments

European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers' Institute VZW (ERFMI)


ERFMI is formed to represent the interests of the resilient flooring industry in ensuring the maintenance of high ethical standard within the industry through the following activities:

1. obtaining and disseminating to members such relevant information about the resilient flooring industry as may be considered desirable;

2. representing the industry in negotiations with government departments, public bodies, trade associations, non governmental organisations and similar bodies in the European market on matters relating to the resilient flooring industry;

3. promoting the preparation of international standards, specifications and classification systems and their adoption;

4. promoting any activities that further the interests of the resilient flooring industry.

ERFMI will specifically avoid any activities that shall prevent, restrict or distort competition between and among members.

ERFMI can undertake all activities, which are directly or indirectly connected to its objectives. Thus, ERFMI can, in an accessory way, undertake certain economic activities, under the condition that the gains of such activities will be used for the realization of its objectives.