Development of safe and resilient flooring with controlled slip under varying environments



PLASTTECHNICS CLUSTER SLOVENIA (PCS) is an association which unites the most important Slovenian companies and accompanying institutions from the field of the plastics industry. PCS offers its services to the plastics industry sector in the field of technological research and development on plastic materials and products and its transformation processes, develops new materials and takes part in European projects.


Main activities involve development and research projects on national and international level for application and cooperation with Slovenian and foreign-owned companies at the product, equipment and tools development and processes from the fields of polymer materials, biobased materials, plastics processing and recycling. Other activities are marketing research and analysis in plastics industry, engineering, advising and education on the field of plastic transforming, new materials and technologies, managing the business relations between EU companies and Slovenian SMEs, realization of investments and feasibility studies for various specific projects.


Cluster's mission is to assure the exchange of information, cooperation in the field of production and service, with the goal of growing and enlarging competitive abilities of partners.